Michael Wall


The appreciation and enjoyment of beauty is truly a unique ability of the human species. Animals can use tools, learn and process information, experience affection and sorrow, anger, and joy.

But they can not see nor experience beauty.

Experiencing beauty brings fullness, enrichment, and inspiration into our lives, as well as solace and comfort during times of trial and difficulty.

It is a beautiful world we live in but one in desperate need of much love and affection

So use your special gift, find your beauty, and share it with others.

A word about this site.

Most of my photographs are of California plants and California landscapes with a few insects and other wildlife captured here and there. 

I have been photographing my world for many years and have amassed a large collection of images both digital and some earlier ones which I have digitized from slides. I decided I needed a good site to both store and share them and SmugMug won me over. I will be adding to this site as I find time to upload from my collections or make new images. 

Would you like to use one of my photos? I decided to not apply any protection on my photos as I am happy to make them available for non-commercial educational, or inspirational use. Please do however let me know how and what you used, and of course a photographer credit is appreciated. If you have a business and wish to use something here I would enjoy receiving a customary single use fee. You can contact me at mynativeplants@gmail.com

One more thing. I apologize in advance that the quality and resolution/size of some images may be ....ummm not so good but I felt that a so-so photo of a subject may be better than nothing. The search feature on SmugMug is excellent and is only limited by the data I have for each image. Most of the images are uploaded full size and contain identification information as accurate and informative as I could provide. Questions, comments,  corrections? Please feel free to contact me. I would love to hear from you.